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What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

Are you planning to host a wedding? If so, there are some very vital arrangements before wedding that should be done so as to make the event very lively and interesting. One of the most vital considerations is to make use of a wedding organizer/planner.

These are the individuals who are well trained to arrange the wedding. They play key roles when it comes arranging for the smooth operations during the actual wedding day.

This will allow you save on the total cost of wedding and that time that would have been used for the arrangement of the services the planner will organize.

So if your planning a wedding yourself or looking to hire a professional here are some of the things that will need to be organized.

Finding Florists

Finding Wedding Flowers

Florists are very important when it comes to planning a wedding. The florists should be able to supply all the required flowers that will suit the situation.

There are some instances where people who are organizing the whole event fails to consider the role of wedding planners in flower selection and they will end up buying flowers of poor quality.

Such organizers will make use of their experience to look for the florists available, vet them and select the best to supply quality wedding flowers at the best price range. Therefore, they should be considered when it comes to selection of flowers for a given wedding event.

Sourcing Photographers

Wedding Photographers

It is also very important to have the best photographer for the event. Not everyone will identify the best photographer.

The quality of the photographs to be taken should be high quality and the skill level of different photographers vary. A wedding planner will do all they can to select the best photographer and the quality of the photographs will be within the required standards.

The planners have all the necessary experience and techniques to apply so as to select the best unlike ordinary people. Therefore in order to have quality pictures and recorded videos of the event, you should consider a professional wedding planner.

Organize Food & Catering

In every social gathering, food plays a major role! Delicious entrees and dishes can make or break an event. It is also a good idea to make sure there is a good selection to choose from, to cater for everyone’s different tastes.

The catering company should posses cooking skills and presentations in a range of different styles. The wedding planner is responsible for sourcing the food and catering requirements of your wedding.

Arranging Limousines

Finding Wedding Car Hire

The transportation of the wedding party is crucial. Hiring a reliable limo company is essential and requires careful planning. There are several things to look for but first you need to set a budget.

Once the budget for wedding cars is set it becomes easier to make a short list. The planner then uses a short list of possible companies to use and conducts a survey and researches customer referrals. Once a list of the last three companies is made then pricing negotiations will start.

Generally most limo companies have specials or packages which will play an important role in selecting the best limousine hire company for the event.

Budget Management

Such people have a lot of experience and the know where to buy specific items at the lowest price range. The use of such professionals on your big day will thus assist you stick to your budget and you will avoid overspending.

They have some industrial contacts where you can buy some of the necessities of your events. This means that you will be able to buy at their internal price range which is not normally revealed to the public.

This will be much lower than the normal price range and at the end of the day; you will save a lot of money. It is the wish of everyone to select the best wedding planner to assist in the above mentioned tasks. Here are some of the ways you can apply so as to select the best planner to suit your needs:

  1. Get referrals from the experts
  2. Use online methods to compare the available planners then choose the best
  3. Consider only those planners with a great track record
  4. Read reviews and comments of other people


Once you have an understanding of the roles played by a wedding planner you are in a good position to know what to look for when doing your research.

Take your time when making your selection. This should be done in the preliminary stages of wedding arrangement.