How To Find The best Florist for your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be quite exciting and tiring at the same time as you try making sure everything falls in place. I remember planning my wedding and I have to say I would do it all over again. One of the main tasks I had to focus on was getting the best florists to deliver the flowers I wanted to work with.

Below you will find 12 tips that I found quite useful and may also come in handy when you are looking for an expert florist.

Finding a Florist For Your Wedding

Type of flowers

Before you decide to work with any florist, it is important to make sure that they deal with the type of flowers you are looking for whether fresh or plastic.

Floral arrangements

If you are looking to have any unique designs at the wedding, it is important to get a florist who can do the job in an excellent way to get the results you want.


The florist you decide to work with should also be available to offer his/service when needed to avoid disappointments.


It is also important to look for a florist who offers affordable rates for their services so that you can work within your budget. Avoid the ones that deal with false advertising as they will spring up surprise costs you are not really ready for.


Look for a florist who comes highly recommended from people such as:

  • Past clients
  • Neighbors
  • Family and Friends – The best recommendation you can get.


Customer service

Be sure to look for a florist who offers great customer service so that all your questions and concerns are addressed in a satisfactory manner.

Delivery services

If you are working with one who is not located to you, confirm that they offer top notch delivery services you will pleased with.

Emergency & last minute services

If you are faced with an emergency situation, the florist should be able to come through without any problem to get the services you need.

Professional advice

The florist should be willing to offer professional services in various sectors including but not limited to:

  • Flowers in season
  • How to take care of the flowers
  • What flowers blend in well with each other?
  • When the flowers should be delivered


It is important to look for a florist who has managed to build a good reputation for the years he/she has been in service as this means that you can expect quality services.

Is willing to go the extra mile

This is especially important for people who are looking to have something out of the norm to come up with something unique. Look for a florist who is not afraid to break rules.

Easy to contact

Find a florist who has open communication lines so that you can contact them anytime you want without too many complications.

My final thoughts

Never be in a hurry to look for a florist as this can land you in trouble. Take your time and compare different services from different florists to choose the one that will offer the best services that will make you happy at the end of it all.

Sometimes the size of the company doesn’t mean you will be getting a better service. Smaller florists can quite often offer a more personalised service that really helps relieve the stress of everything!